Multi-disciplinary pain management using Advanced Pain Therapies

Locations that offer Advanced Pain Therapies:

At Pain Matrix we practice multi-disciplinary pain management, utilising every strategy available to us to alleviate the symptoms and day-to-day impact of your condition.

Our aim is to always to achieve the desired outcomes using the least invasive techniques. However, where necessary we will escalate our response with the use of advanced techniques that can have a more prolonged impact.

  • Electrical stimulation devices are small implants that can be used to treat some spinal or neuropathic conditions, for example Parkinson’s disease. The implant will deliver regular electrical pulses that block pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems are small devices that can be implanted into your body, to administer a constant supply of pain-inhibiting medication direct to the pain source. Your pump will require refilling with medication periodically.

The use of these strategies is generally only considered once less invasive options have been explored.