Self-help strategies to relieve pain

Locations that offer Self-Management Therapies:

At Pain Matrix we encourage you to explore every option to reduce the impact of pain on your daily life. There are a number of techniques you can use at home to enhance the effects of any medication, intervention techniques or therapeutic strategies we prescribe.

Pain levels generally fluctuate over time in response to a number of factors, including your activity levels and psychological state. Learning to identify and avoid specific movements or behaviours that trigger pain – and conversely, practicing movements that improve your pain levels – can considerably improve your quality of life.

Exercise is almost always beneficial to both your physical and emotional well-being. We can help you to identify appropriate forms of exercise that will complement your ongoing pain management or rehabilitation program.If pain has caused a reduction in your activity levels you may also benefit from consulting a nutritionist, to help you adapt your diet and avoid weight gain that could exacerbate your condition. A dietitian can also advise on foods that have been proven to promote healing and emotional well-being.

Pain can be very isolating, especially if you find it difficult to communicate with friends and family about your condition and what you are experiencing. Learning effective communication techniques can help you to access the support you need from the people around you.

Meditation and relaxation techniques such as regulated breathing can help to alleviate insomnia and anxiety, and reduce the impact of referred pain in other parts of your body. You may choose to practice these at home, or in a group environment.

Occupational therapy, in a self-help context, is closely related to mindfulness. Focusing your attention on a favourite activity instead of on your pain can give you relief from the symptoms, as well as improving your mood and giving you a sense of achievement. Participating in a group activity can also relieve feelings of isolation and loneliness.

As part of your pain management program our specialists will help you to understand how you can use self-help strategies to reduce your pain levels, and direct you to valuable resources that can help you master and implement these techniques.