Pain Matrix Pain Management Program (PMP) for Work Cover and TAC Clients

Locations that offer a Pain Management Program:

Pain Management Program Video Guide:

A multidisciplinary outpatient pain management program to assist those living with chronic pain.

Our program has a focus upon active recovery, an improvement in an individual’s quality of life, and a return to function.

The multidisciplinary team includes experts in pain physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy, and medicine with a specialist pain medicine physician (FFPMANZCA). The team has years of experience in pain education, behavioural therapy and clinical translation of evidence-based pain medicine.

The small group program consists of a series of group and individual sessions with up to six participants. In between the weekly sessions there is homework to be completed from each of the sessions, and clients can continue to participate with return to work plans whilst engaged in the program due to its medium intensity format.

Goals of the program include:

  • Enhanced self-management of chronic pain resulting from injury, trauma or illness
  • Improved capacity to return to work
  • Facilitation of independence
  • Reduce the physical, social and psychological impact of chronic pain
  • Identification of physical deterioration and development of treatment pathways for improvement
  • Reduce reliance upon medication
  • Consolidation of active management strategies, including physical movement, psychological, and lifestyle domains
  • Improve function and quality of life

Any WorkCover or TAC clients can be assessed for the program.