Geraldine Nolan


Geraldine has over 20 years of experience working as a registered psychologist in a variety of settings, responding to individuals presenting with a range of concerns. She has worked in several states employed in a range of settings including rehabilitation as well as provided assessment, training and support services to ADF members for many years. Additionally, she has worked with managers and leaders to guide both skill development and self awareness, particularly in relation to strengths and emotional intelligence.

At Pain Matrix Geraldine has supported patients with a range of approaches including CBT and ACT, with a focus on developing insight linked with pain education.  She has supported people to identify their strengths and encourages goal setting that is realistic for each individual. She has experience supporting patients with complex circumstances to achieve positive outcomes and sees the opportunity to work within a multi-disciplinary setting as a key aspect that supports clients to make meaningful progress.

Geraldine Nolan
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