Neuropathic (nerve) pain

Locations that offer Neuropathic Pain:

Neuropathic pain, also known as nerve pain, occurs when there is damage to the sensory nerves that transmit signals from your body to your brain. There are many different causes, including illnesses, nutritional deficiencies, the side effects of medication, and compression or trauma.

Nerve pain symptoms include numbness, burning or coldness, sudden shocks and tingling or ‘pins and needles’ sensations, and may be constant or intermittent. The symptoms can be very severe and episodes can be prolonged, even after other symptoms of trauma have subsided.

There are a number of treatment options for neuropathic pain, depending on the cause and severity. These include the use of anticonvulsant or antidepressant medications, which have proven to be extremely effective in relieving some types of nerve pain. In some cases opioid painkillers or topical treatments may also be prescribed, and therapeutic approaches may also be recommended.

Pain Matrix adopts an individual approach to treating neuropathic pain, based on your specific symptoms and history. We may recommend a single treatment or a combination therapy that incorporates a balanced blend of medications or other pain management techniques for maximum effect.