Out Patient Pain Program

Locations that offer Out Patient Management:

Our Pain Specialists from Pain Matrix refer our patients to Epworth Geelong who provide a service for individuals with injuries or pain conditions that have resulted from illness, injury or trauma. They aim to assist people to return to daily and work activities and achieve independence in managing their condition.

The program is for those people who:

  • have any pain which has lasted longer than 3 months, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia or neuropathic pain
  • have any pain that has not responded to physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy or surgery
  • have physically deteriorated in strength, fitness, freedom of movement or independence in everyday activities
  • have been unable to return to work or who are having trouble returning to work.
  • may have feelings of frustration, anger, helplessness, or grief in relation to their situation
  • have tried a variety of medications that have not reduced the pain

The Epworth Pain Management Service explores ways to help people in pain self-manage their condition, increase their functional ability and improve their quality of life.

The program includes a combination of gentle movement/exercise, activities and education and is designed to cover a range of topics to help people manage their pain. Education topics include but are not limited to information on how to improve sleep, modify activities, return to normal function, manage pain medication and understand how stress and mood impact on pain.